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IMPORTANT: Please pay attention to LRC on Facebook and Twitter for "day of" information regarding the route and times.

TNR(Tuesday Night Ride)

For many years this has been "THE" Cache Valley ride. Though moments of camaraderie certainly exist, it is also often filled with malice and ill-will. It is said that Paul Sherwin was on a TNR ride when coined the phrase, "His face is a picture of pain". Always challenging, this ride is stacked with attacks, aggressive pace-lines, and speeds that make one wonder just “who” their friends are. Are you looking to improve? This is the ride you'll want to be on.


TNR varies from week to week. March through May – with the primary meeting location at Cedar Ridge Middle School (65 N 200 W, Hyde Park). The early season rides start at 5:00PM, moving to 5:30 a couple of weeks past Daylight Savings. From this Cedar Ridge, the routes normally head west, weaving through Benson. Many additional riders will join at the Benson LDS Church (3472 North 3000 West, Benson, UT)- about 10 minutes after the start. From Benson, options to ride across the marina, or to head north-west on "Pig Farm Road" are taken. The early rides of the season can lead the pack through Cache Junction, and often take a northward bearing through Newton, to Clarkston, while possibly climbing "Long Divide". However, the ride has been known to head south after crossing the marina. On these nights, the ride takes the pack through Mendon and onto the upper road in Wellsville. This always leads to an attack on the "Little Pyrenees" climb. After crossing Hwy 89 and heading into Mt. Sterling, the ride has been know to re-group before heading into Hyrum, before returning to Logan.

In June, the route will vary even more, changing the meeting place to Providence, UT. Once this starts, it tends to remain the same for the remainder of the season. Still starting at 5:30PM, the meeting place moves to Zollinger Park (200 W, Providence, UT). From this location, and NEW FOR 2014, the route will take us south on 200 W to 300 S of Providence. On 300 S the pack will turn West, utilizing the crossing light at the intersection of Main Street (Hwy 165). This will allow the pack to cross the highway in a safer fashion than the previous habit of using the intersection by the Maverick. After a brief moment riding South on Hmy 165, a jaunte up Hollow Road leading to an agressive pace all the way to Hardware Ranch.

Though TNR is considered a "DROP" ride, there are usually 2 groups leaving from the starting location. The first group, commonly referred to as the "A" group, is generally a more race-like aggressive group. This is not to say, however, that the "B" group is not challenging. Nothing could be further from the truth. Both groups have solid aggressive efforts. On a normal TNR, both groups will be riding the same course. This allows people to challenge themselves by starting with the "A" group, while knowing they can fall back to the "B" group. Note that the "B" group has enough varied riding styles that there is usually someone to stay with.

That being said, please be responsible enough to know your way home before biting off more than you can chew.

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